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Protect Your Beautiful Smile

Protect Your Beautiful Smile with a Sports Mouthguard

THURSDAY, JULY 3, 2014 AT 11:15AM

I almost never see patients with injuries to the mouth and teeth that occur during sports that require players to wear mouthguards.  However, I see many injuries that occur during softball, basketball, trampoline jumping, and jet skiing...all sports that do not require a mouthguard for participation. Consider a mouthguard even if your sport does not require it. Artificial teeth are never as good as the real thing!









FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2016 AT 4:48PM

I thought I would share this photo to let you know that your orthodontist does practice what she preaches! Protect your smile! Wear a mouthguard! Cost of a Mouthguard: $12 and an ability to laugh at yourself. Cost of Implants to replace missing teeth: $4,000 per tooth, possibly even more along with a lot of time in the dental chair and grief!

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